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IMP | Regimental Competition Victors


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Thank you to everyone who attended the tournament it was a blast to host along with IHC. The victors of this month's Regimental Tournament goes to Death Troopers!


The overall points go as followed:

Death Troopers: 9 Points

ISC: 8 Points

Engineers: 7 Points

Shadow Troopers: 6 Points

Vader's Fist: 5 Points

Shock Troopers: 4 Points

Government: 2 Points

Riot Troopers: 1 Point

The winning regiment (Death Troopers) which were on all received 5000 credits (Complimentary of donations from Theta) with the CO (Tank) receiving 10000 Credits. Along with this they get this months Regimental Trophy perma propped outside the ISB HQ.


Once again, Thank you to all who participated and I look forward to next months competition (Hopefully) to compete for the trophy!


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