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Hello everyone,

We have been working hard to continue the expansion and development of our forums to enhance your user experience and make the most enjoyable, fun and inviting place possible for everyone from our ever growing community. The next step in this has been a very little (kinda major) update to the forums. With all the updates and changes I will mention below. Plus a brand new support system coming soon.

Congratulations to @Kurt in now being the Community Designer 759611932_CommunityGraphicDesigner.png.bc70f4047001886676601ccd25e24644.png and head of the Graphic Design Team. If you are interested in joining the Graphic Design team that supports the growth and development of the community, applications are open and you can apply today at the following link - 





Forum Changes / Updates

5. New Reactions have been added and some old ones updated/fixed:


  • Confused (New)
  • Shocked (Fixed)
  • Thinking (Fixed)


2. New Group Role Effects

  • With the new banners we have also rolled out new effects on certain groups forum name tags. The Forum Donation group is a prime example as seen below.


(Reminder you can apply to get the donation tag on the forum if you have donate on IG at the following link https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/application/)


3. New Reputation Levels have been added

  • Reputation 10+ Good
  • Reputation 20+ Excellent
  • Reputation 100+ Fantastic
  • Reputation 200+ Team Favourite (New)
  • Reputation 300+ Fan Favourite (New)
  • Reputation 500 +Community Favourite (New)
  • Reputation 750+ Community Builder (New)
  • Reputation 1000+ Community Representative (New)
  • Reputation 1500+ Community Master Mind (New)
  • Reputation 2500+ Imperial Gaming Legend (New)


4. New Reputation Badges have been added (created by the community designer). Levels shown below:




Team Favourite (New)6.png.5cd3089653ba1d4f4783e23ccf3f10b8.png

Fan Favourite (New)8.png.7203b5c428d833342b8643f84ec815de.png

Community Favourite (New)4.png.ae3918d1e5a9fccd13e5211cbca7771e.png

Community Builder (New)3.png.3522b7ade93e3bc9b9388adb5f9c5fb7.png

Community Representative (New)9.png.39c6535675678fbef92505f5ee3e5fd0.png

Community Master Mind (New)7.png.cc7bd855115041c3612b8eea76cc1f44.png

Imperial Gaming Legend (New)1.png.8d9210bf3b6390afe2d8af62089f20f0.png


5. All Forum group banners have been updates with new ones (created by the community designer)










If you have any questions about anything in this post, do not hesitate to contact me via the forums.



Kind Regards,


Forums & Teamspeak Manager

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4 hours ago, Cody said:

@Bailey Please don't make us have to make more ranks before the end of the week xD

Realistically I don’t think anyone is ever going to actually hit 2500 rep. I might, maybe, but it’s almost double what I’m at right now.

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33 minutes ago, SCHEFF said:

This is a formal request to everybody to not +rep me anymore. I wanna keep my purple badge :(

Great stuff @Cody and @Kurt, these updates always bring about a great refresh!

Every time you’re upvoted I’ll downvoyte you for the balance

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