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Changing of the Guard

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I haven't even been in close proximity with you for a long time and it feels like I'm saying goodbye to a close friend.

You've dedicated so much of your time to this server, IG owes you an unobtainable debt for your services, to the point where I would consider recommending management as a career option,

Your way of doing things weren't flawless, to say they are would be a blatant lie, but it was damn-near close to flawless in the way you handled some situations. Thank you for spending time with everyone here, even if it was only for a few hours a month with people like me. You've done way too much with this community to be paid back in a lifetime, and for that, I thank you. o7

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It's sad to see you retire whitey, but it's also a very proud moment. What you have done for this community is incredible and your dedication is really something to admire. I was very fortunate to be able to learn and work with you. Thank you for your contribution.




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