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Government Announcement 4/5/19


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O F F I C I A L   S T A T E M E N T

Hello all,

Ever since becoming commanding officer of the Regional Government as a part of my ongoing ascension to Grand Moff, I have been able to observe in-detail how its secretarial and test systems have evolved in the over two years they have been in place in this community. Government has evolved from its lowly beginnings as the Military High Command Secretaries, from its the industrial revolution which was the Administrative & Logistics Division, to what it is today. Countless amounts of deep thought, love and affection and hard effort has been put into what makes up our current systems, spread out throughout many different minds which have been our secretaries and chiefs of staff. Most notably, chiefs of staff Jet and Brass, who departed their roles a considerable time ago, have made up a bulk of the regimental management, test forms and general organisation that Government and nearly all other regiments use today. They were our revolutionaries.

However, it has become apparent that in mid-2019, under a different set of morals and observation, Government is built on legacy systems and is not maintained to the same level of knowledge and wherewithal as it once was from late-2017 and early-to-mid 2018. These systems were built under a different mindset, in a community comprised of many different people and with different expectations than what is present today. My secretaries and myself have seen the flaws these old systems have presented us, which include but are not limited to:

  • Non-standardised and highly opinionated test conducting and test marking
  • Increasingly inefficient and difficult organisation
  • Divided knowledge of what Government is and how it is run
  • Degradation of professionalism and attitude

Government is not comprised of the same genius' which paved the way to what it is today, but our current members and myself have seen these four main flaws in the current Government system, no longer tainted by the obstruction of authority. I have become Government's first Moff and I have now have the power and authority as well as the passion and drive to make radical changes.

Therefore, my team and I have decided, with approval by Imperial High Command and Management, to reform Government in nearly its entirety. The list of reforms will be as follows:

  • Complete restructure of both Clearance Level tests, including their readouts and informational video
  • Complete restructure of the Expression of Interest form and Government recruitment in general
  • Introduction of a standardised, score-by-number marking scheme, which has been previously trialed by Butcher
  • Introduction of more realistic promotion guidelines for all Government ranks
  • More efficient organisation of the Regional Government Google Drive folder
  • Continued updates to the new and to-be-released Government Handbook, created by Sterling and Butcher, to reflect these changes and add behavioural standards

Both Clearance Level 2 and Level 3 tests will be significantly changed as their content has not notably changed since their introduction in late 2017. During this restructure, which will take place over the weekend of May 4th-6th, all clearance level test services will be shut down.

These reforms are an effort to continually improve Government and keep it up with modern expectations, as well as raise the bar and provide meaningful and efficient service. This is not something thought up overnight, this is a planned, strategically organised event which, while it will slow down services in the short-term, will hopefully greatly improve Government in the long-term and move it into a new era.

I thank all of my members of Government for their continued support and service. Despite my professional writing and attitude, I have to say these guys are some of the most dedicated team I've had in a long while and this couldn't be possible without them. I also thank you all for your continued support in our services and hope you will be patient as we make these sweeping changes. These statements won't be a regular occurrence, but expect some real news when they do come around.




TL;DR Government is built on old 2017-2018 era systems and will be updating all of its services to be up-to-date with mid-2019 standards. Clearance Level tests will be shut down from May 4th-6th. Thanks to all!

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1 hour ago, Bailey said:

Seems very interesting, glad you're not sitting on your ass and you're going to buck the trend.

Well of course. I'm the first high ranking Government member to not have the excuse of having a highly demanding staff/Management job to tear them away from their RP duties. I've set a goal for myself to show what the Governor, Moff and Grand Moff roles are capable of from purely a player's standpoint. A player who is highly dedicated and passionate for the roles and not just using it as an enabler to flaunt power.

I'm doing my best. :P 

Thanks everyone for all the feedback.

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23 hours ago, Sully said:

*gets flashbacks of working with the coffee superstar Scheff in MHC*


Sounds good, can't wait to see how these changes play out and how it helps government overall :)

Yes please 

Also this sounds choice 

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Cool initiative but just wanted to clear a few things up. Both the current CL2 & CL3 tests were redesigned back in roughly October of last year by myself @Jeb and @Aphrodite. I know that when that redesign was done, we kept things opinionated (mainly in the CL3 test) to allow for multiple styles of leadership to shine through within the answers and show the varying traits and characteristics of each individual leader. All of those questions had fair base level responses that could be objectively defined as correct but at the same time there was that window of opportunity for those wanted to go above and beyond. 

Along with this (In my personal opinion), Government had no defined marking structure due to the fact that we could easily provide leniency to those who may have made a couple errors that could easily be forgiven etc. At one point we did consider creating a proper marking structure for the tests (I still have my drafted document, could send it through if any inspiration is needed) but ended up scrapping it due to personal preference of the secretary team at the time. 

Excited to see the upcoming changes that Government implements, just thought I'd add some insight to some of things that were written.

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27 minutes ago, Rivers said:

(I still have my drafted document, could send it through if any inspiration is needed)

I used yours as a basis for the format and credited you.

The reason we are standardising a proper marking structure is that in your own words secretaries could easily be more lenient than others.

The marking scheme is still reliant on secretary decision, however, I plan to write a semi-detailed rhythmic given to administrative assistants upon recruitment to give them a basic idea on what's expected to give marks for.

At the end of the day, it's a video game and we don't plan to make it way over the top, but in saying that my most prevalent motive for this is that we just don't want markers to affect whether or not you pass or fail.


We were aware that the CL tests were redesigned back in October, but it's been 6 months and times do change.


We really do whole-heartedly appreciate your insight and if you have any please don't hesitate to contact me over the forums.

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