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The Best of IG | Monthly Vote

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2 hours ago, Rook said:

Good idea in theory.

  • Encourages competition to spark growth
  • Good meme, and rewards people who are popular in the community.
  • Only rewards those who people see as doing good work (limited behind the scenes recognition)
  • Nothing to stop people impersonating others
  • Nothing to stop people voting multiple times under different names/anonymity.
  • As a poll, it only receives votes from people with an opinion on the matter.
  • Publicly releasing votes is a bad idea - thankfully you removed it. Don't repost it when voting closes. It's not about the trolling, its about public shaming.

The fact that it's not official, and is mainly just a meme, makes it more okay that its an inaccurate representation. Provided you don't re-post the spreadsheet at the end of the period, it is always good to reward excellent work.

Maybe you could revise the method you use to collect votes, so as to make it more representative? As a statistics major its making me twitch a little. Let me know if you disagree!

Then again, its just a game.


100% agree with Rook on this one, the fact that it isn't official makes people feel they are able to make these troll replies with no repercussions. I feel as if you need to work more on the overall concept on of the collection of votes as the idea is great but the execution of it is rather rocky.

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5 hours ago, Rook said:

Publicly releasing votes is a bad idea

I am genuinely scared of finding out that no one likes me as an Event Master zzz

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8 minutes ago, addamcor said:

@Sterling Thank you for continuing the tradition

Many thanks

- Hornet

No problem my guy.

Hopefully one day if you return you could continue from where you left off with these awards/votes.

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Awesome idea, I see nothing wrong with a "best of" voted by the players. It doesn't have to be Official, not everything in this needs to be treated as a business decision.
If you can manage the votes to only include the serious ones and make sure everyone has only voted once it should be fine.

disappointed there was no 'Most Handsome' option. I'd take off my suit and strutt my stuff on the ship for votes in that category

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