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ISB BS Episode 1

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This is our first episode of ISB Bulshittery, made by me. There is a 1080p option and the default seems to be 360p, but you can just change it. Also if it gets taken down because of the music there is a google drive link below with the video.



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35 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

The Imperial Security Bureau is a SeriousRP regiment tasked in creating and enforcing RP on the server.

Our regiment consists of only the finest RPers the server has to offer.

Enlist now.


SeriousRP he says...


1273395772_Blackmeme.thumb.jpg.1d25b9798ed82dccf605cfbd1b488f50.jpg image.thumb.png.c7a62647d176f4a5a78fd0998106013d.png

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