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[CLONE WARS ROLEPLAY] KryPreh Laboratories Campaign Today:

Be ready for a Campaign today beginning today at 2:30 PM and Hopefully ending at 4:30 PM: The total duration will be about 2 Hours if worse comes to worst 2 Hours and 30 Minutes.
There will be a total of 3 Maps in the Campaign

1st: Rishi moon
2nd: Venator
3rd: gm_lunarbase

After the Campaign we'll be returning back to base ; 
Hope you have fun:

Mike :D


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3 hours ago, LuckyMikey said:

Hint: This will not be the end of the Story of KryPreh

Don’t give these idiots any hints.

Also, you’re a dog for doing this while I’m away.

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12 hours ago, Rickle said:

Looks good, but bro you gotta check your inbox, 596 unread messages yikes.

Thats a yikes but Vanillas 10k wins :P 


7 hours ago, Pendragon said:

did you really send a email to yourself to do that? damn thats dedication, also that kryprey thing looks like the appature logo... :thinking: Half life 3?

Would make sense with the projects that were mentioned in the Email.



Also lovely work @LuckyMikey keeping the CW gang entertained on the holidays with good events such as this, I hope it all went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Cannot wait to find out whats in store for everyone further down the line :) 

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