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D&D Interest Thread

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I custom made a campaign that sits in the genre of medieval high fantasy, a very cliche pick yes but it is dynamic enough to allow homebrew classes and races - However it is not custom enough to play itself, as such I am looking for more players, I already have a couple but I would like to have a full party of around 6. Times and dates for sessions will be decided once the party is set up, new players are more than welcome (even encouraged) but I need everyone who may signup to understand three things; 1. DMs word is final, 2. Fun is allowed but not an excuse to ruin the environment, and 3. OOC=/=IC. If interested please comment, I cannot garuntee you a spot in as I will check back with those already in to have a fully cohesive team. Thank you! Here is a song as thanks;



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I personally have only played a small amount of D&D due to me only just getting into it. however i LOVE it. i would love to join in however im pretty sure your already full. i hope you run another campaign later in the year which i can join in. it would be really fun to do.

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