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Re-enacting a Rebels scene at 12 AM

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@Wingza - Grand Moff Tarkin

@Jaggy - Taskmaster Grint

@TheNegotiator - Commandant Aresko

@Stubzy - Agent Kallus

@John - Grand Inquisitor

@Kristofer - Camera


Very happy with this one. Slightly better than the last, slightly worse at the same time.

Edited by Kristofer
Unscuffed the video.. well for the most part.
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4 minutes ago, John said:

We could do this one but the only problem is, we don’t have the model for the pointy hat girl

Use PAC3 bro. Sure that would work. :)

Edited by Rickle
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7 minutes ago, John said:

good idea dood, but whose a pac3 god that can import her textures or something along those lines

Plenty of Pac gods among  us. for importing and exporting I'd  go with Bailey perhaps?

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