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Flame is holding a siege tournament

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Me and the people over in SK/RT have been playing R6 lately and that got me thinking that i should hold a tournament with people from IG so here we are
Here are the teams

Blue Team
This team includes the following


Vanilla (team leader)

More teams will be added [If we get more teams]
I'm making this post to find some people to fill orange team.
If enough people want to join the tournament i will make more teams
you can make your own team but try and make sure you have a team to vs against
You can name your team whatever you want (as long it isn't offensive)

Here are the rules!
There will be 3 games with 4 rounds on any of the maps within the rank rotation (will be changed to 1 game on any of the rank rotations change if i get another pair of teams).

No team killing outside of practice unless it was an accident.

More rules on the discord.

Now this discord isn't just for people playing in the tournament it's for people from IG who want to play R6 with other people from IG

The link never expires so share it around if you want
Also i'll need someone that can spectate the games and be a coach of sorts (possibly record it but it's not needed)

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39 minutes ago, Bailey said:

I'll see if I can get a team together.

Please no, oh go no. I can just imagine you, welshy, cecil, rook and 1 of the other EM boys rolling up and flexing on us all.

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Ok so basiclly, if we get more pairs of teams i'll make a tree branch kinda thing (idk the proper name for the kinda sheet) @Bailey @Luigi If you're going to bring a team tell em to join the discord link, it never expires.

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