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Helsing's PAC3 Tier 2 Application



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Steam Details

Steam Name: Helsing

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62514838

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085295405/

In Game Details

In Game Name: Darth Vader

In Game Rank: Darth

In Game Regiment: Sith

Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):  7 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours playtime.png.33d51cb021128473e7a93201f3136fc0.png


PAC3 Tier 2 Questions

What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? 

I have created many PAC3 creations during my time having access to tier 1. I have created new armors, weapons, banners, holograms, stances and role-play interactive binds for my Sith character. I have helped many others users in creating their pacs, either through physically doing the pac for them or through giving them help creating it themselves. The people I have helped have ranged from St privates all the way up to Darth Vader's PAC. (I don't want to name them all individually in case people get the wrong ideas about their pac's not being genuine or them being embarrassed about requiring assistance). 

How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? 

I believe that through the use of PAC3 I have made my character completely unique and someone that everyone can easily distinguish from any other member of Sith on the server. As a member of Sith, one of the main qualities you possess is intimidation; and through the use of PAC3 I feel that I have created a suitable outfit to tick all of those boxes with my intimidating custom mask, my sith armor which utilizes parts of terror trooper armor and also the hood and robe parts of the vitiate, allowing my character to have an intimidating and wise look. I feel that my character has become someone that people can actually develop relations with as a deeper character rather than just another Sith Marauder boasting the generic model. During events I also utilize PAC3 to create quick lore-friendly pacs to increase the RP possibilities during scenarios. 

What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? 

Throughout my time using PAC3 Tier 1, I have increased my skills immensely. From initially being able to only add capes, props and use basic animations to my PAC creations, I have come to be able to create completely new things from scratch such as masks, vibroswords, dueling stances and ignition stances, force abilities and RP specific pacs. I have become able to create quick pac's to improve the RP of a scenario happening within an event or passive RP scenario to increase the immersion for players involved.

PAC3 Examples:

p.s Thank you for taking the time to view my app


Hologram of a Marauder standing Victorious over a Jedi whilst I use chat.


A kneeling stance utilizing vibrosword made from props


Christmas PAC holding a present with custom stripes (never revealed what was inside)


Different hologram PAC for use during chat of a Dual wielding Marauder walking on the spot


Advertisement PAC including holocron and dual sabers 


Dual wielding PAC made for use whilst using fists (Marauders are supposed to dual wield in lore)


Basic frontal image of the TerrorSith PAC outfit I made for my main Marauder character


Showing the custom vibrosword being held ready to engage


Frontal image of an earlier version of my Marauder characters outfit


Using the force to pick up props and people


Force choking 2 Jedi for use within RP scenarios (With access to Tier 2 they will be able to be ragdoll'd properly and become much more immersive)


PAC of myself holding Grand Moff Tarkin as he became tired and his legs became sore.



christmas present pac.jpg

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1 minute ago, Mongo said:

Isn't this what you used for your tier 1 application?

This is a replica of my Tier 2 application that is currently up, I'm just transferring it to the new application template for Whitey. Everything here was created by me whilst I had tier 1 from being staff when I was Senior EM and also from after I had to resign and wait for my tier 1 app to be accepted to create more (You have to make a tier 1 app even if you're staff because if you leave staff you won't have PAC anymore).


The Blue Sith armour and Sith standing over the Jedi (chat hologram) are the only 2 things that were made during my Tier 1 access whilst being staff. The rest is from after my Tier 1 app was accepted.

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Helsing's PACs are intricate and always look good. He and others would benefit greatly from him having Tier 2.

I'd prefer to see some examples of how you'd use PAC to improve RP as your current role of Darth Vader, but of course this isn't a necessity.

Good luck!

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36 minutes ago, Rook said:


Helsing's PACs are intricate and always look good. He and others would benefit greatly from him having Tier 2.

I'd prefer to see some examples of how you'd use PAC to improve RP as your current role of Darth Vader, but of course this isn't a necessity.

Good luck!

If Helsing is someone we trust to fulfil the role of Vader, surely we can also trust him to use PAC Tier 2 without abusing it.

I can see Helsing use further Tier 2 benefits so assist him and others in the roleplay environment.




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  • Trustworthy
  • Active
  • Responsible
  • Applicant shows an extensive knowledge of PAC3 and its features
  • Applicant has provided high quality PAC examples displaying a good skill that could be furthered with Tier 2 access


Best Of Luck,


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