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The Imperial Senate Guards (For Regional Government)

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The Imperial Senate Guards


The Imperial Senate Guards were the successors to the Senate Guard of the Republic. These men were not part of the actual Imperial Military but work closely with the Imperial Army in certain scenarios. These guardsmen were the protectors of the Imperial Senator and Government Officials. Yet, their real loyalties lied to Emperor Palpatine. The Imperial Senate Guards were tasked with protecting and spying on Imperial Senators and to report any collusion or signs of disloyalty to the Empire to the Emperor.  The Imperial Senate Guard was formed in 2BBY and would live till 0BBY when the Imperial Senate was dissolved.

Weapons and Equipment

Main Weapons - Saber Pike and Vibro Blade (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1505920421)

Secondary Weapon - SE-14c

Equipment - Cuffs and Taser

On the Server (Duties)

  • Guarding Regional Government and Regional Government Officials
  • Spy on Visiting Imperial Officials and Visiting Government Officials
  •  Conduct Assassination Missions on Treasonous Officials
  • Serve as the Emperor and Vaders Eyes and Ears in Regional Government


Commander (Force Sensitive)

Star Paladin

Senior Paladin


Senior Protector





Thanks for Reading my Suggestion!



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Hi Boris,

This idea will be denied. 442nd is currently successfully fulfilling this role and the last thing we need is more Saber users.

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