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Presenting the semi-new edition to the Imperial server!

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Hi all I realize this was released and took place a couple of days ago but for some reason now I have decided to make a post about informing the rest of the community of this cool new addon that was added to the collection the other day.

So this addon was in fact a parachute that the military used for dropping from planes to get behind enemy lines. Anyway to get to the point this addon has been implemented into 212th's amroy and they have now been named as a paratrooper/ Battle regiment.

Here are some photos from the night when they were added and when our Beast of a Community Manager @Whitey let the whole server have a parachute and test them.





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*parachuting down to Ilum from the ISD*

*Sees another parachute nearby and proceeds to move under their feet*

*Gets parachute close enough to their feet so the parachute thinks they were on the ground and stops deploying*

*watches them freefall the rest of the 10,000 feet to Ilum*

*giggles to self and thinks "who has the high ground now, bitch"*

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It may not seem very star wars like for there to be a parachute but 212th needed something to make them stand out and it has helped larko and us 212th lads think we are more important (even though we aint) anyways thanks to @Whitey for adding this to 212th 

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