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Easter Egg Hunt Begins!

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Hi All,

In the spirit of Easter for the following week, we will be having an Easter Egg Hunt! Different to our Christmas special what will happen is every 15 minutes 5 Eggs will randomly spawn around the map. Each Egg will have a different point weight and there will be a scoreboard for all to see. At the end of the week, the top 10 people will receive a prize! You can check out the Leaderboard on each server by typing !Easter in chat.

For this to work there will be some rules on top of normal server rules, these are:

1. Points are not to be camped at.  

2. Points are not to be guarded to prevent other players from accessing them.  

3. Points are not to be blocked off using props and so fourth. 

4. You are not to kill for these points that still classes as RDM.  

5. Eggs are not to be picked up once the DEFCON changes to 4 or lower. (DEFCON 5 During an Event is okay!)


Further rules may be added if issues arise!


Breaking these rules will have you removed from the competition along with any people helping you. Potentially further punishments will be handed out such as demotion from in-game or OOC roles.



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Can't vouch for my ability to succeed in this task. I didn't find a single present during the Christmas event.

Not even one.

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The point weighting based on the eggs has been removed as it has proved rather pointless, it is now just purely whoever can find the most eggs.

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39 minutes ago, Kamelieon said:

When I'm on the leaderboard


If I am not mistaken it will end Sunday afternoon (21APR19) in order to wrap up the easter weekend in a good way :) 

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