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What Rickle Sounds Like

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Rickle gave me permission to upload this, disregard the background talking by me and the gameplay, this is what Rickle sounds like, he says "Its fine Bailey." now get off his back you dogs.

In the immortal words of Splonter "Whoever uploads this first is gonna get mad upvotes." knowing my luck, they'll be downvotes.

I have blessed you with the sensual and supple voice of "RickleTicklePick" or "Grand Master Yoda"



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1 minute ago, Helsing said:

You sound the exact way I expected you to sound ngl

I still expected a Chinese girl. Still convinced he is a girl tbh.

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2 hours ago, Basil said:

Oh i have awaited this day for far to long! Finally my ears are graced by Rickles subtle charms and coercive voice. 





(For real though @Rickle you must grace me with your voice at some point)

Too bad you left us :( and didn't get to hear it in person.

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