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MAY THE 4TH | Design Contest

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-  No pre-made artwork -

-  No templates  -

-  MUST be Star Wars theme  -

-  Completed and submitted by 04/05/2019  -

-  Multiple entries allowed  -


Submit here




(Steam game must be under $15)

We look forward to judging all your entries!



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Can't wait to see what you all can come up with, remember to dig deep and unlock your creativity. Be bold, be imaginative and above all have fun with your design. I am looking forward to assisting in judging all the awesome entries you all submit! :) 

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Damn I wish I knew how to export colours then I could maybe have a chance at entering 

Also good luck with anyone entering and do what sully  said 

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1 hour ago, Quoth said:

Don't think that's true, you get a 70% discount on all adobe apps though.

Since I do IST at  school we used Adobe After Affects and Muse CC we just got given all apps no idea why tho

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Is there any difference if the art is made surrounding the server or is all Star Wars art counted equally?

I have a few ideas in mind surrounding my own personal character lore but if that's going to unfairly impact the scoring, I want to know.

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Anything that is Starwars related that could be somewhat related to the community, be creative just keep it starwars/ig themed and don't use any templates that you can find online :) 



Nope, make it anything to with the server this includes your RP character, look forward to seeing what you have install for us ;)



Depending on your school you can get the Adobe suite for discounted and some schools for free!, if you have a parent who is a teacher you can also get it for free by using one of their education department download codes.

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