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Story-time with Snoozy


What is your favorite Fast Food to go to?  

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  1. 1. Out of these ones here which is your favorite fast food to go to?

    • McDonalds
    • KFC
    • Hungry Jacks
    • Red Rooster
    • Subway
    • Domino's Pizza
    • Pizza Hut

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Once a apon a time there was a little boi named snoozy, and he had no breakfast :(.
What a shame, his little tummy was grumbling and he was very very hungry. He thought to himself I want to get something really filling and tasty so he rung mummy up and begged to go get some KFC, and so mummy reluctantly agreed. She picked little Snoozy up and drove through the KFC Drive-through and got some Zinger Stacker burgers, some popcorn chicken and some frozen pepsi.
Little Snoozy is very very happy now and also very full, .... (and fat) 

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16 hours ago, Bailey said:

If you didn't pick Subway or Red Rooster get off my Server.

I've been boycotting Subway ever since they started playing those loud doof-doof dubstep ads on Youtube

[EDIT] Burgerfuel, Wendy's, Hell Pizza and anywhere you can get a curry delivered is my preference. After my flatting years, I couldn't ever eat Dominos again.  We legit built a pizza box fort one time many years ago

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1 minute ago, Helsing said:

KFC beats everything, if you don't agree, i'll beat you. Going to get some for lunch now. kthxbye

For sure, I could honestly go for a streetwise feast right now, they are the best things on earth! Or 10 wicked wings

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