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Quick Survey on Video Games and Mental Health

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Hi all I am currently doing a school project for Research Practices which for those outside of South Australia is a subject that is required to do Research Project and receive your SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education). You basically have to do a lot of source analysing and I chose to do mine on the affect of Video Games on Mental health. For one of my sources I have chosen to do a survey and I thought that Imperial Gaming would be a great community with many different views that would be awesome for a survey. 
No private information will be required for taking this survey and it will all be anonymous. If you don't feel comfortable answering any questions feel free to skip the survey as I value safety of others.
Yes I am doxing myself by telling people my first name. 

Thankyou for taking time to fulfill the survey if you do. If you would like further information contact me. 


Lol who put I love you Joel at the end

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20 hours ago, Joel said:

Yes I am doxing myself by telling people my first name

I mean, I think I could have guessed ;)

Good luck with R.P my dude, gotta tell you that its gratifying once its done and the skills you learn to do it are useful if you persue acadamia once you graduate, so good luck with it!

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