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All players should be able to connect as the issue has been resolved

There is an issue with a transit line going out of NSW. This means interstate players may experience lag or are unable to connect.

For now the only way you can connect to any IG servers including TS IMPERIAL AND CLONEWARS is via a VPN to another country (or another state but this is yet to be tested i suggest NZ)

I recommend tunnel bear but any work. Keep in mind you only get 500mb a month. As this is an issue with streamlines provider it is unknown how severe or how long it will take to be fixed. Everyone restrain from spamming "i cannot connect" as most players are in the same boat. This is a known problem and im sure stream line and their provider will fix this as soon as they can. 

-Thanks Tank

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40 minutes ago, Wombatiacus said:

Cheers for helping people out <3 I live in WA so I don't think we are going through any problems.

yeah... about that, im from WA and am experiencing the same issue. Unable to connnect to TS and the server.

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