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Division 2 official clan


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Recently Welshy, Kosmos, Siegemonkey, Veybur and myself have been playing Division 2 and have enjoyed it very much to the point where Welshy and I have completed every mission except the last one which is locked for Tier 5 world coming soon. So Welshy and I created a clan on Division 2 to connect all IG members and other players together to be able to form parties, help each other with gear, missions, Strongholds, Darkzone PvP and if you just want to talk to people and connect with them throughout the community.    (IGA = Imperial Gaming Australia) as Division 2 makes you use 3 letters instead of 2 for the Tag


Currently, our Clan is level 3 however we are aiming it to get it higher for the xp rewards, bounties, shared storage, Vendor and much more to try to get our Clan level to the highest it can be. The XP is gained by simply playing the game and completing your own quests, killing an enemy that come under the objectives for the week etc. If you wish to join the clan follow the picture above and send an invitation or you can add my profile from the name below 


Hope to see you there :) 

Also if you send an invitation please also send a message to us on Teamspeak so it can be accepted straight away as it doesn't notify for clan invites as you have to manually check and during Grinds, we don't normally check every 40 minutes, 

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On 3/22/2019 at 9:05 AM, Mongo said:

I will probably pick up this and bf2 and have some fun with you lot


would anyone else be interested in old school BF2 2005 game night? Rather than new one

Maybe make an independant post about this Mongo (and yes i would be interested whaha)

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