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The Republic Laws of War [CW]


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Good Morning everybody, within this post will be a document ascertaining to the new Laws of War that the Republic and all of its sub-divisions will have to follow, inside outlines what you can and can't do during active combat and during War. As the title says, they are the Republic Laws of War. You can't get into any OOC trouble for breaking these rules as they are RP only and are RP heavy as you will see in a moment.

These are obviously very synonymous with the ideals of the Jedi Order and are backed by peace and compassion, not executing or causing unnecessary harm to those who have no way to do the same back.

Good luck, don't break the rules or Fleet Admiral Stephen Palskies may come and give you a one-two skadoo.

The Republic Laws of War

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Just now, Pendragon said:

So um... about those chemical weapons?

Can't really use chemical weapons on droids, and most other combatants are either too small in number for it to work, or they're civilians which will get you slapped.

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