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here is a lil question


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Hmm, Well I have two favourite moments on IG.
My first happened around March/April 2018 I was going about my regular day, being a frog on the ship when suddenly on comms I see "[INQ] Inquisitor Joel there is a breach in Repair Bays, A Jedi has Infiltrated the ISD" I was like, huh mini event? and went there. The Jedi had 2000 health with a dual bladed saber. I unfortunately lost that fight but apaarently got them downed so far in health that if they had my health I would have won that duel. I was then called to the emperors Chambers by the Grand Egg of the time (Fliqqs) I went there and was told to kneel. I though I was about to be absolutely ripped into for loosing but I then hear Carnifex (Totally not staff abusing) say I'm so proud of my little inquisitor and then I was promoted to Eighth Brother of the Inquisitors (Was honestly almost as difficult as getting MHC back then) and I was honestly so ecstatic I was smiling for the rest of that day.
My second happiest moment was from January of this year. I was running training for Scapegoat and Voids to see how they are going with their roles within the regiment when I again I see in chat "(ORDERS) Lieutenant Joel Report to IHC" I was confused for a sec then I saw "(OOC) Major* I was wondering if I had done something wrong so I went, scared of what would happen. I went there and was greeted by Hammer and Lucky I saluted them and sat down. We started chatting about how I was Major and stuff then Hammer said "Lieutenant Colonel Joel" and I was confused and then my favourite line from all of my time happened "Now get that stupid [CO] Our of your name" And again I smiled for the rest of the day (Keep in mind I hadn't been promoted for 6 months at the time). 

(Quotes may not be 100% accurate)

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16 minutes ago, Solar said:

alrighty so the question is...

what is the BEST moment that you have had on IG. this can include funny moments as long as it is the best moment that you have experienced.

- Solar

Opening the reactor room door for the first time when I got CL5 lmao

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Hmmmm I've had a fair few to remember. I guess there are two that really stand out for me.

  1. First time, I was in Government as a low ranking clerk and was standing just outside the main entrance to Government. @Jman1308 who was Tarkin at the time walks up to me and asks "Where are your badges?" for some unknown reason I misinterpreted this as "Where are your badgers?" and was confused as hell. By the time I realised what he was saying I had been tied up in a neck leash and thrown over MH1 railings where I suffered death by asphyxiation.
  2. Second story comes from when I had first joined ISB and Director Whitey decided to come aboard the Battlestation for a visit. He ran straight into the main HQ and spotted me instantly, he then proceeded to spawn in a harpoon prop and aggressively fling it at me with his physgun until I died. The second I ran back out of spawn I was ragdolled and strung up against wall where the harpoon was once again lobbed at me except this time it went straight through my chest and pinned me to the same wall. Blood was everywhere...

Maybe the best moment in terms of accomplishment for me was either achieving Full Moderator or finally reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel which had been a dream of mine for many months.

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1 minute ago, Wombatiacus said:

When I got to be a wedding speaker at vanillas wedding but obviously I got popped...


23 minutes ago, Bailey said:

When the Wintohs ( @Jye @Basil @Percival @Alluh @Cecil @Keith @Gunjies @Matto @Jesis and I), along with Grand Admiral Thrawn (@Cody) ransacked Vanilla's wedding, not popping balloons, but popping people.

That was indeed, a great day.

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Honestly over the course of almost 2 years there is too many to count.


Some I can think of off the top of my head are;

  • Bugging Ridge and Imposing until they let me join MHC as a secretary along side @SCHEFF as the second ever secretary and therefore assisting somewhat in the creation of the reign of the secretarys and todays government.
  • Being punished to a 12 hour straight guard shift of MHC whilst I was in Nova due to disrespecting my CO by saying he didn't have the balls to promote me to Major (actually doing it and watching peoples reactions)
  • Getting EM
  • Getting Shore CO and reviving it within a week and making a 28 page handbook.
  • Getting TMOD, JMOD
  • Getting 224th CO


and many many more fun and memorable experiences.

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I honestly have too many good moments and memories to list anything as the best. A funny one was when I caught a "dancing virus" and infected others around me making a sort of flash mob in the corridors. We got rounded up and executed to eradicate the virus :')

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31 minutes ago, Basil said:

My favourite moment in Imperial Gaming was when i first joined the server. On my first day i had no clue what to do, nor did i have any understanding of the mechanics and systems in Star wars RP. But alas, i tried out for Chimaera squad which at the time was being led by captain @Gunjies and @Codyas Grand Admiral Thrawn, with @Rickle as his sith attachment. Some how i got in (I was told i was one of the worst people to try out that day) but alas i got in.  From there it only got better as the boys joined, @Jye @Bailey @Jalex @Bene @Keith @Percival @Gregis @Ceciland so many more people. I could write a whole book about our antics. 


Although a runner up for my favourite moment was when i assassinated the Grand Moff. @Rad_Cop @Jman1308 thank you for putting up with my engineer antics for so long.

Wintoh's never die Basil, they just go MIA.

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