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[CWRP] Ideas regarding the ARC Troopers on the Server

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I like the idea of regiments being given an ARC role, however if this happened, one of the sub regiments of 501st would be taken away, so wed have to come up with a sub regiment to replace ARC in 501st, maybe just rename it to Torrent Company, so non ARC's are also included, also the only non-donation Torrent Company member is Kix, the rest are donation. I also recommend the idea of the Rancor Battalion being added to RHC, rather then a seperate regiment, so RHC members can assume these commanding roles. Along with this, regarding models, 501st already use the models from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091297766&searchtext=Arc+trooper as there ARC models so they would already be on the server, so no need for more/new models

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Other potential models for 21st if this idea were to actually be implemented:



(The second one is cooler)


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3 minutes ago, Peter said:

Myself and Wooley, it was his initial idea that led me to create the document.

Of course. Not discrediting Wooley for the idea at all, I was mainly referring to the Document for this.

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