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Goodbye Misahu

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@Misahu Thanks for brutally murdering all of Government every time you wanted an ISB agent to a CL2 test and we said no. Made my week.

Farewell, hopefully I'll still be around when you return but thank you for spicing the server up in-terms of RP and for everything you have done for the community


P.S. Beautifully made video @Sterling

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How did I only see this now!?

@Misahu You were a brilliant man, a genius, an artist. You ran ISB to its full extent, you were such a great Commander. The small banter we had, how I wish we could do it more. Farewell my friend, the community eagerly awaits your arrival back to the server. Even though I am no longer JT's 2nd IC, I proudly wish you all the best mate.

Good Luck Misahu!

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