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Goodbye Misahu

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Ass Chief Misahu walks in.

Del Meeko (Alystair) /me Salutes


Sith/SUB Regiments

Seventh Sister Zote

Grand Inquisitor John

Darth Vader (Helsing)

Master Instructor Demeter

Initiate Boris/Hephaestus


ISB/SUB Regiments

Director (Chief Tonberry)

Agent Jimka

Assistant Colonel [ACO] Kristofer von W.

Acting Agent Aleksandr Kallus (Sylvia)

Head Agent Dirthi

Special Agent Lee 'Sterling' Everett


Brigadier 73-01 "Tank"

Captain 73-02 "Blue"

Master Sergeant 73-07 "Raven"

Sergeant 73-07 “Castle”

Sergeant 73-07 “Nick”


[INF-01] Commander Iden Versio (Rex)

[INF-03] Junior Agent Del Meeko (Alystair)

[INF-04] Acting Operative Seyn Marana (Jenkins)

ID10 DIO (Max)


Cinder Squad

Cinder Demo 63 • 'Freeman'

Cinder Demo 77 ● 'Renolds'


Imperial Commando’s

Brigadier 53 ● 'Outback’

Sergeant 82 ● 'Nova'

[Support] Master Sergeant 32 ● ‘Tony’


Jump Troopers

Officer Cadet 【JT-02】 Church

Second Lieutenant 【AC】 【JT-01】 Elesto


Imperial Navy

Lieutenant Commander [XO] Korr

Officer Cadet [NIA] Cure

Junior Crewman Tri Prex

Commodore [CO] Carswell

Sub-Lieutenant [NO] Kirgin Joomboom


Advanced Recon Commandos / RANCOR Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel ARC-20-A "Blitz" (Rivers)





Regional Government

Governor Arihnda Pryce (Mathieu Scheff)



Major Tinky [C-472] [Administrator]



Private 2234-Arky


People who weren’t there but wish Misahu the best

Major General Planz

Major General Marlu

[INF-02] [2IC] Operative Gideon Hask (PULSE)


Special Thanks to

Darth Vader (Helsing) - Getting us the Bridge / Planning
Grand Inquisitor John - Getting Ex-Regiments of Misahu / Planning

Del Meeko (Alystair) - The Idea / Inviting Recent Ex-ISB Members / Planning

Lee 'Sterling' Everett - Recording / Taking the Photo / Uploading to Forums


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h...holy shit... I don't know what to say... I am thankful to all of you who have made my time on this server so brilliant. I was never going to make a big deal of it... I've got some shit IRL that I need to ... wrap my head around. I love you all, and hopefully some day I can / will return. All the best to all of you... goodbye for now.


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During my 3 months in ISB, Misahu was the person who helped me the most with getting a hang of the ropes within the ISB. He was the person who did the recruitment interview on me, alongside Gusky as Krennic. While under his command, I slowly understood the ISB more after each passing day. Sure we've had some issues, disagreements, and differences, such as the many times I've operated the Death Star's super laser or the many times he hyperspaced the Death Star. But all this experience practically made me the person who I am today. Misahu, as well as all the other members of ISB, made me feel welcomed in ISB. One of the reasons I have managed to climb the ranks from a Master Sergeant equivalent to a Lieutenant Colonel is because of his existence within the Bureau during all this time.

When you made that post on the discord, the TeamSpeak genuinely went wild. I was shocked at what I had read on the discord, I didn't expect you to leave this soon. I, as well as the entire TeamSpeak channel, was speechless. We were all sad that we couldn't say goodbye.

That's where this thread comes in.

Thank you, and goodbye.

The Death Star background was my idea.

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