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Peter is Open for Document Requests

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I know it seems that I have posted quite a few things today, however, this post is an attempt to assist the community.

I have seen a few Documents over my time being involved with IG and, as a result, have decided to spread my knowledge to others in the Community.

Therefore, I have now opened myself up to Document Requests, Including Document/Form creation and editing. 

Fill this out to make requests: https://goo.gl/forms/A6imceTaEIB7yRH82

Or Contact me Directly at Jacobt5075@hotmail.com


(This information will be attached to my Signature, however, I wanted to spread the Word).

As Stated in my Writers application, most of the work I have completed while in Imperial/CW are Classified. This is all that I can show you. (The First two are from about 6 months ago)


Examples: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U0wgI2GJv_yrPcRrm35T6zLRuf73Dpz-HqG2JemnsT8/edit?usp=sharing




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