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New People, Same old Scam

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Hi all recently (5 minutes ago) someone has attempted to scam myself over steam, This is a post about what to look for and how not to get scammed on steam. This is an old thing that used to happens constantly back in the old days of TF2/CSGO/STEA and if you have it you will most likely have seen this before or will see it eventually.

So lets say someone random adds you on steam you don't know who they are
Lets say for instance that the person who added you has the name, lets say... Loser
so they start telling you some random stuff . Lets say that they "accidentally reported you for duplicating Items" and you will need to add a valve admin to check some Items of yours.

They act all apologetic and tell you "You'll be banned if you don't add him in the next hour" However DO NOT FALL FOR THIS you will not be banned. However, lets say you add them to see what will happen. Then you start to be told by this person that you have to follow so or so link, or trade a bot certain items to check whether your items need to be replaced or whatever. Do not click any links at all unless you have checked them beforehand on a website/link checker that they wont steal any information.  V Images for Reference V


Lets say that all seems good its a link that wont steal your info and you decide to investigate this trade or website and find the most fishy bot ever. AGAIN DO NOT TRADE OR DO ANYTHING.

Scambot.thumb.PNG.413f08b6eb1370a5a84ba200c3a9bae8.PNG <- totally not sus Trade

Yeah so if you are looking to not get scammed here are some rules from a very handy sight 

Basically the rules are
1. If they are using steam message system they are not a real valve employee and it is most definitely a scam
2. If the account is completely hidden it is more than likely a scam
3. A valve employee has no need to trade items
4. No matter how much someone threatens to ban you do not fall for it they.  You cannot and will not get banned for not following instructions on the messaging system.
5. If you do trade away your items you will not get them back (so don't)

If you do get a message like this always remember to be careful and don't fall for a scam like this.
If you want to mess with the scammer feel free to do so and always report them so that they cant do this to others. If you have games such as CSGO or TF2 you will probably see a scam like this so always be careful.

Oh yeah if you want to feel free to report these people for scamming with this link their steam links are :
https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198316656326/  [Loser]
https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198405531170/ [Walter "Valve Member"]
https://steamcommunity.com/id/2384858097842211 [Scambot]

Have fun everybody and remember to stay safe online.
(And no I didn't get banned in 2 minutes)


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On 3/10/2019 at 7:29 PM, Bailey said:

Unpopular Opinion:

If you're dumb enough to be scammed, you should learn the hard way.


In all my years of high end unusual trading i have seen people fall for the DUMBEST shit, i give this the absolute most fattest +1 in the world. 

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