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Bailey asks "What do you want to do for a living?"

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Current Job: Subway

Future Job: Originally to be an e-sports caster for CSGO but I slowly lost interest a few years ago, know most of the AU pros in both playing and casting which is nice. Currently I have no clue what to do for the future and feel like I’m going absolutely nowhere tbh. Pretty worried considering this is my last year of school.

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Current Job: Volunteer position, working within the content writing (and hopefully development soon) team within the studio that created the game SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Hopefully Future Career: Tbh Idfk at the current moment. Hoping to go into the medical world though.

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Personally I have 2 fields that are somewhat similar that I am considering pursuing.


1. I currently do army cadets each week and enjoy the disciplined environment and the training that is on offer so I have always thought about pursuing something down the line of one of the three military branches. I have also looked into it and found that there is a gap year program on offer upon the completion of year 12 so I am considering applying for that in the coming months in order to give it ago in the field of Airbase Protection and Security (it is essentially a 1 year try before you sign up experience that gets you fully trained, looked after with all the perks of a full time enlistment and with a fairly good paycheck for your first year)


2. My second career choice I am considering is something within the police force, more specifically I would like to be a city cop within a large city (ie. Perth or the GC) as I have had a keen interest on this field since a rather young age and find the job in general rather interesting and something i could see myself doing for a rather long time.

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So my career choices are a bit weird

1. Go to UNSW to Study a Bachelor Of Aviation (Flying) and fly for Qantaslink for a few years, eventually moving onto international long haul travel. Being a pilot always interested me and I love planes in general. None of my family have ever done anything with flying so it's pretty new for me. If I don't make it into Qantas I would try to fly for either Virgin or Jetstar and then transfer over to a Gulf Carrier like (Qatar, Etihad, Emirates) or an Asian Carrier like (Singapore or Cathay Pacific) or a European Carrier like (Luthansa, British Airways)

2. My other option is to renounce my Australian Citizenship and move back to Russia to study Law at Moscow University - After that hopefully apply and join the Federal Security Bureau of the Russian Federation and serve as an Intelligence Officer. Working for the FSB would be a dream or just being a Lawyer would be nice but I do want to serve the Russian Federation as an Intelligence Officer. Pay may not be the best but it's a career I would love to do

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On 3/10/2019 at 7:05 PM, Smoke said:

@Bailey Wanting to do law to, more focusing on corporate or international law (Diplomat). 


Also how do you fit in study and IG, got any tips


Didn't you hear @Smoke? He says he goes to LaTrobe.


For me,

Current Jobs: Maccas & Wait staff at resturant.

Future Job: Studying with majors in Psychology and Criminology. Keen on possibly becoming a police officer or working in a job I attained using my degree (when I get it).

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While I don’t currently have a job I’m studying my Cert 2 in Electro and Engineering and want to start my Cert 3 in Electro next year. I intend on completeing my 8 years and Cert 4 to become a domestic electrical contractor

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