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[CWRP] Rhen Var has gone on a Tropical Holiday (How to fix errors!)

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Hey guys, @Carnifex tried logging into the server today and sadly was given the warning that his map differed from the Servers one, so here is a guide on how to fix it and make sure you've updated the entire map properly!

This is going to be very similar to my other guides on this, so I'm not going to provide pictures and just tell you what to do, because, we've all been playing GMod long enough to know how to get to these places, and if you don't, speak to our really great support team on our Teamspeak @ ts3.imperialgaming.net

Nonetheless, what you want to do is navigate your folders to

Then find the map "rp_rhenvar_kaktusownia.bsp" and delete it.

You may also want to go back a few folders to your addons and delete the addon file with the same name, then restart your game, extract it, and we should be good!


You also need to subscribe to the two addons above.

This is an EXACT copy paste of my other post, but it was just easier to put this up again rather than let the link to it die in the chatbox.

EDIT: Shoutout to Carnifex, he did the tests for me, so I love him a lot.

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1 minute ago, Rickle said:

Number 1 support leader. 

Bro put me in, honest to God I'll be the new Support Leader.

(Disclaimer: I will not take the title from Carnifex, he is a beautiful young man.)

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