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Who do you think will win a battle?

Who would win in a epic battle  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would win?

    • Snoozy
    • Allucious

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1 hour ago, Bailey said:

Snoozy has the far larger head, meaning he will win.

I strongly disagree, he's an idiot and he's fat.

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1 hour ago, Carnifex said:


 crush him 

I'll crush you with my fat body, Cornflake.


1 hour ago, Bailey said:

I mean, he has a large head. Fat head, fat wins.

That is correct. Why? Because I am fatter than him.

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Oh please, you kids call *this* a shitpost? Don't make me laugh. This is how to *really* shitpost!

*prosedes to make a circle out of upvotes on the floor and interweave Latin phrases in bright comic sans*


Lord of the shitpost, destroyer of logic and reason, we call your name!


Release the seals that the accursed management have placed on you, evil bindings of account locks and IP chains.


Return for the depths of the land of the banned, where those welcomed never more reside and rise RISE!!


I SUMMON YOU @pinejack !



This is a shitpost, take no hidden meaning or calls to action from it.

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