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Staff Report - Zaspan/Initiate Zeus

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Just now, Boris said:

Well this has boiled down to in easier terms "a throwing shit" competition. Can you keep your personal fights out of this @Ridge and @Mord. A former staff member and a long time community member doing this is disgusting. Have some self respect

I’ve hidden their posts as they’re unnecessary.

Keep this on topic or the thread will get locked and management can sort it out.

Notice for everyone.

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Hi Droplet,

In future all Sith will be reminded to follow our server rules, specifically :

"In all cases, AOS (Arrest On Sight) should be used over KOS (Kill On Sight) unless Imperial High Command or high-ranking Sith such as Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader say otherwise"

However, "daring" a Sith to kill you after he tells you to move along from Vader is not an ideal way to handle the situation as well.

I also don't see any clear evidence that Zaspan took his own staff claim into his own hands.

This matter is now closed. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to message me.



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