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I am a Weaboo (again)


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Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I have played on Imperial Gaming by this name but I am happy to be back and I know a few familiar names but I don't recognize a hell of a lot of you. A bit of backstory, I first played on IG in either late 2016 to early 2017 and spent a great deal of time as a Royal Guard. A bit about myself, I love people, just chatting and having fun, I am pretty chill, try not to be too uptight, I love TWD, HIMYM, GOT and B99. I listen to indie pop and I enjoy binging K-drama and Anime.

A bit of info on my past on IG:

I then continued to play after the relaunch of the server and continued as A Death Trooper serving under Ridge and Chef alongside the Director at the time GuskyWalker. There I befriended a lot of people who have since left such as Gamma, Little, Gusky, Ridge, and a few others who I am sad to see leave, I became a moderator for a short time before I had to take a break due to some IRL issues.

I took a bit of a break and returned in early 2018 to play in the ISB as an Executive Secretary to the Director (under the name of Chrissy), once again under Gusky and Pablo where I met people like Edwards, Ramirez, and Jman, this was a great experience and I found a new love of Roleplay based roles and a strange addiction to documentation. 

Since then I have joined the Fade community which has since *faded* I joined RG which is now EG, a community I continued to play within until recently when I decided to return here. It has given me a great amount of nostalgia and a satisfying feeling to see where the names I do remember have risen to today. I hope to get to know this community much better and hopefully befriend a lot of you.

Currently, I am planning to stick to ST until I find a role I am happy to join as I don't like switching regiments as I normally try and find one I enjoy and stay within that. Feel free to say hi as I am happy to get to know everyone and I am going to try and be as active as I can!

Hope we can be friends!

Sincerely, Setsuna.

P.S I am not Suna.

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