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Failing a tryout attendee on climbswep is pointless - Change my mind


Mord’s Change My Mind  

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  1. 1. Climbswep is a bad judgement of skill and shouldn’t be held as high standard as it is

    • I agree
    • I disagree and i will post below as to why

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7 hours ago, Kumo said:

Out of my ~1000 hours of gmod swrp I can not recall a time where I have seen faces or formations used in combat.

I reckon the only ones that get used are firing lines and advanced firing lines. Even they’re rare.

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Although Climb SWEP isn't the most essential part of any tryouts I still believe it should be judged and tested as it is one of the most vastly used mechanics on the server. I think every candidate should at least be able to complete a straight, vertical wall course to show a basic understanding of how to use it. Occasionally I'll stop during the tryouts and give them some very quick feedback on what they're doing to see how quickly they can adapt their technique and pick up on new skills.

Climb SWEP isn't the most crucial aspect of a tryout process at all but it's still useful and should continue to be judged on. The main thing I look for is behaviour and attitudes that comply with the way I'd like to present the regiment.

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I see a fair few COs in this thread agreeing with me and i don’t know if i changed their minds or if it’s always been like that, but regardless i am going to push for basic CS explanation in the recruit room, and i might have a chat with some of the commanders of more popular regiments about what they want to do with CS but otherwise i think this thread went quite swell!

Thankyou everybody for your contributions and i will be doing more “change my mind” topics in the future. I’m looking for a good discussion - too many people agreed 😂

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I agree but also disagree. To an extent, you can still climbswep at any level of lag/delay if you understand how it works well enough. You can do the jumps and resets pre-emptively and work around most levels of it. But that said, it's true that nobody is really taught it and most troopers first interactions with it are at their first tryout which they obviously fail miserably more often than not.

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