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[CWRP] The Campaign Against "The Masked Dragons"


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[Incoming Transmission...]
[Securing Connection...]
[Connection Secured...]
[Transmission Begin...]

Greetings troopers,

This is Admiral Yularen of the Republic Navy, I've been informed by Director Isard about the disappearance of Special Agent Elissa Denny and her Squad. We have received word that "Angel Squad" as they have been dubbed by our...mostly lower ranking personnel aboard my vessel have a 78% chance to still be alive and well on the planet Draukyze.

We have gone through all of the data sent to us and found a rough estimate as to where Special Agent Denny may be, from what we know, they landed their escape pods close to the Northern Pole of the planet and have been wandering around, or hopefully have set up a camp since then, due to the planet being extremely close to two celestial bodies, it is quite hot, much like Tatooine in some parts, however, it swaps to jungle and swamps near the North and South of the planet.

Data shows that there may be different types of flora and fauna you will have to watch out for when you are traversing the landscape. We will not be able to touch our landing craft down close enough to the crash site for easy extraction, and so, we are landing 40 kilometers South of their assumed crash site, the furthest away they may have touched down from the projected landing point we will be taking is 100 kilometers.

You are being given two AT-TE Walkers to assist you, along with some AT-RT Walkers, these will assist in the speed it takes to traverse the landscape, and will also provide protection for non-combatants and allow for a smoother journey, rather than having to stop over and over. We may also deploy BARC speeders for those capable, but this needs to be a light operation, quick in and out.

We are aware that on the Southern side of the planet there has been a Separatist Forward Operating Base set up and they are monitoring and actively searching for Special Agent Denny and her squad, be prepared to come across droid resistance and anything they may throw at you in order to stop the recovery of the Republic Security Bureau's Squad.

We are also aware of a group shrouded in secrecy, even my connections were unable to come up with much, we know them as "The Masked Dragons", they don't work with either the CIS or the Republic and are only out to disrupt our operations. They presumably have knowledge of the landscape and will use it against you in any way possible, they also seem to have a prototype cloaking device that fits on specific personnel, apart from that, we know nothing about their leadership or their structure even, or what size of force they have. You'll have to figure it out as you go, hopefully, you don't run into them and they left with the spoils of the two Munificent's they attacked, including the one commandeered by Special Agent Denny and her squad.

That is all men, go get our troopers back home safely. I'll be directing your assault from my Venator, The Resolute in orbit above the planet. We will have air superiority and should be able to provide help with any dug-in enemy positions.

Admiral Wullf Yularen ending transmission...

[Ending Transmission...]
[Scuttling Connection...]
[Transmission End...]

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/comms [DS] Boss: 1 minute till drop

/comms [DS] Boss: Remember the plan

/comms [DS] Scorch: 4 of us against all of them, easy

/comms [DS] Sev: like taking candy from a baby

/comms [DS] Fixer: Easy you too

/comms [DS] Boss: Here we go 

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