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The Nam Chorios Resistance


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This week on the Clone Wars Server we will be having our first ever Campaign, in the spirit of the Campaign, I've made up a lot of documents and data in regards to it, slowly building up a mystery around Special Agent Elissa Denny and her commandeered Munificent, dubbed "The Angel" that has arrived at the Republic Rhen Var Outpost without any evidence of anything on board except for a lot of heavily encrypted data that the Republic Intelligence teams have had to sift through.

Below is some of that evidence, including an unseen recording by Special Agent Denny that @Jeb and @Aphrodite decrypted in RP. There is another they are still to decrypt that will be coming soon.

Expect a full briefing about the situation soon!

The mission begins at 1PM AEST (2PM AEDT) on Saturday, 2nd March 2019 and will go until the story is wrapped up.

Transmission from Special Agent Denny, also comes with some data.

Picture of the crash site

Below is a recording that was left aboard the Munificent prior to its crash on the planet near the Republic Outpost, the recording was created by Special Agent Denny prior to the dissapearance of her and her squad.

Good luck, Special Agent Denny and her squad need you to put together the mystery and save them.


(Special thanks to @Ana for voicing this video and the other we recorded)

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I didn't put this in the post.

There are 9 possible endings to the campaign, all will have benefits and detriments that come from the choice, as well as specific RP choices will result in the ending changing, or benefits coming to the Rhen Var Outpost that the Clones are currently occupying.

Put this mystery together for the best result :)

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