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This is a recommendation for a certain addon that I think could bolster RP and Character Customisation on both the Imperial and Clone Wars Servers.


The addon is - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=729710362

The pack is essentially a collection of facial hair ports from Fallout 4, I have previously seen them be used on RG and they really did help to diversify Clones and offer more unique options for PAC Users in their creations with the utility.




This is something that I would really like to see on the server so I'd like to hear your thoughts on it too.

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18 minutes ago, Hyperion said:

Just a heads up dude with any suggestions post them on the Staff Trello not of the forums

Ah, the Trello.

It's always good to judge the community's reaction though. I personally think I could find a use for this addon in my PAC through the use of uploading it like @Bailey said.

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