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I want all of us as a community to post some of your favourite quotes from people and give a little backstory as to why they may have said it, for example
Kirgin said this after me as an Event Major General, planted a virus in the ships hyperdrive that ended up costing him, Half his retirement fund

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Cody: I need a 7-8 Kilobyte version of that image.

Kurt: I got it down to one Kilobyte is that good enough?

Cody: Where the fuck is the other 7 Kilobytes?

Cody: How did you lose the other 7 Kilobytes?

It was the middle of the night when this happened haha

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(COMMS) Corporal 4017 - "Lionhart": slowly connects the arm to Misahu's armless bump
(OOC) Corporal 4017 - "Lionhart": uh oh (COMMS) Corporal 4017 - "Lionhart": starts drilling in screws to keep the arm intact 
(OOC) Corporal 4017 - "Lionhart": FUCK

Lionhart trying to rp putting a robo arm on misahu but kept commsing it instead of /me

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/me cracks knuckles and goes to my channel

Agent Axx kisses lips
Agent Axx has rolled a 72/100.
Lieutenant [OPS] BaileyWintoh has rolled a 50/100.
Agent Axx: Take this! Mwah!

2nd Lieutenant Axx to You: I wanna fuck you so bad.
2nd Lieutenant Axx to You: Sorry, that was meant for Iden.

2nd Lieutenant Axx slaps ass
You to 2nd Lieutenant Axx: Dick = Hard
You to 2nd Lieutenant Axx: Bro, all the quotes in my channel are gonna make us seem so gay

(COMMS)  Captain Dunstig Pterro: *uno reverse card*

Darth Vader: bogar time

Lieutenant 73-03 "Marlu" Mr Krennic, i dont feel so good
73-03 "Marlu" suicided!

<15:15:27> "Morgan": u ever see Kowalski get his ass eaten?
<15:15:28> "Morgan": ignore
<15:15:30> "Morgan": ignore that

Warrant Officer 1 Frank: Look at your skin colour, back up.

"You give your life to God. You will have an eternity of bliss in Heaven with God." - Cody
"But I can still die from cancer? Painfully and violently, paying for my sins." - Kosmos

Cody" was banned for 1 second from the server by "Whitey" (Because you ain't senior admin)

<23:12:02> "Bailey": <23:11:18> You were banned for 1 second from the server by "Whitey" (Threatened to fuck my dog)

"[Wolf] Wolf" was kicked from channel "Death Troopers" by "Whitey" (Birth Reversed)

<03:16:46> You were banned for 1 second from the server by "Whitey" (Was dropped at birth - only expanation for this mess)

[AOS-ADD] VF "Billybob" {S} has made Juan AOS for reason: Asking me to buy a pocket pussy mouse  droid for 15 credits | Location: Last seen 3rd floor

[gBan] Kit Fisto has banned Nea - Duration: Indefinitely! (If you are going to try and Mass RDM get good? | FailRP | Disconnect to Avoid Admin Sit)

Grand Master Yoda whispers Bite frank you will
Entity [0][worldspawn] did 56 damage to CC-7243 Frank
Grand Master Yoda pats


<16:20:14> "Jye": bailey when he gets bought in to do re education and realises it's the course he made
<16:20:15> "Jye":


Youngling Talon Jaeger [JD] BITES LEG
Commander CC-3636 01-RCO "Wolffe" legit curb stomps the little cunt (OOC)

<16:20:56> You were banned for 1 second from the server by "Whitey" (Toxic Basic Bitch)

<23:52:58> You were kicked from the server by "Wolf" (Physiucally go fuck your dad)

Wolf has ginger pubes

Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker uses the force to make you slap yourself
Commander CC-3636 01-RCO "Wolffe" is slapped

"Feels bad. There's not even a quote from me in here." - Born
"Yeah me neither." - Cecil
"Its probably cause I say unfunny shit." - Born
"Just get him at
1am at and start speaking about Space and you'll get one." - Cecil

15:06:20 - "Morgan" pokes you: i busted a nut on a 6 year old child
15:06:28 - "Morgan" pokes you: ignore that

<15:27:28> "Imposing": i love
<15:27:31> "Imposing": not u
<15:27:34> Chat partner has closed the conversation

[AOS-ADD] Bailey Wintoh [ATK] has made O-682 Shepard AOS for reason: "Shut up Bailey. I love you Bailey" - Attempting to sexually harass an IHC Member | Location: Leaving Bridge
O-682 Shepard to You: next time I won't just attempt <3

"I'm not bein a playa', I'm just being efficient." - Whitey

"That's a cute ass teamspeak" - Bailey
"Do I get a kawaii name?" - Anix

<21:14:20> "Bailey": Cecil and I bully Welshy but suck up to each other.

Offchopz: oi ginger pubes
Offchopz: we rdy
Wolf: oi fuck off

"Have you met my brother Bailey?" - Morgan
"Nope" - Bailey
"Are you sure you've never heard nigger yelled in the background before?" - Morgan
"That's your sister Morgan" - JMan

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Well I remember one of my managers back on my community joined (Imperial) and I was in a   voice call with him and he starts panicking and about 5 seconds later the aos popped up.

[AOS-ADD] VF "Billybob" {S} has made Juan AOS for reason: Asking me to buy a pocket pussy mouse  droid for 15 credits | Location: Last seen 3rd floor


edit: noticed it's already in here

much so sad

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I got a few...


{W} Master Sergeant 4283 - Hubertus [Engineer]: bad for st reputation
{W} Master Sergeant 4283 - Hubertus [Engineer]: we dont have errors

Tom: I picked my nose and I really regret it now... my nose is bleeding.

Tarkin: Well, i'm going to go to the shadow realm to hunt some ducks! *disconnects*

(OOC) Lance Corporal Samwise: death sticks are fun for the whole family'

TG-3997 Morgan to You: (OOC) Hot

Junior Clerk Butcher: hit or miss?
Private Twinkie: i guess they never miss huh
Junior Clerk Butcher: you got a boyfriend
Private Twinkie: i bet he doesnt kiss ya
Junior Clerk Butcher: he gonna skrt and hit the dab like wiz kahlifa
Private Twinkie: you play with them balls like it's fifa
Junior Clerk Butcher: i forgot the rest
Private Twinkie: you on every level your the leader
Private Twinkie: you used to work at waterburger but now you pop your pussy for the warner brithers
Private Twinkie: and that bangs huh

(COMMS) Captain Dunstig Pterro: [ISB] Uhh.... I think I accidentally killed the student..
(COMMS) Senior Agent Dirthi: [ISB] Dang, oh well fun while it lasted.
(COMMS) Operative Makaveli: [ISB] Acceptable, his own fault for standing within the blast radius.
(COMMS) Director Krennic: [ISB] Oh shit, you had better hide that body before you have to fill out a metric assload of paperwork
(COMMS) Senior Agent Dirthi: [ISB>ENG] Is it possible if you guys could clean some areas? They're looking a little too bloody at the moment

Butcher: im confused
Wimlay: hi confused im wimlay

(OOC) Under Clerk Butcher: do you know what else is thicc?? REGIONAL GOVERNMENT. APPLY TODAY - goo.gl/rizaAA

<16:13:31> You were kicked from channel "Secretary's Office" by "Wimlay" (lol)

(COMMS)   Ass. Colonel Kristofer von W: [ISB>NAVY] This is the current location of the Rebel Flagship.
(COMMS)   ASSISTANT Colonel Kristofer von. W: [ISB>NAVY] Excellent.

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