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Female Officers for Navy and ISB

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It is a known fact that somewhere hidden within the addons folder is a sub-folder titled "Battlefront 2 Officer Pack" which consists of multiple different officers including female equivalents.

Government has a female model, I don't see why the Navy or ISB can't have female models as well. It's easily accessible and has models of every colour, from Operative black to Crewman green, to even Admiral and Chief white.

It'll give certain players more freedom of RP in certain situations. 

The only con I can see is how scuffed the bodygroups for the female officers are, but other than that I see no other possible issue.

Lend your thoughts.

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7 hours ago, SiegeMonkey said:

Shock are going to have alot more sexual harassment arrests but +1

Hey if it gets my troopers arrests and proccesings up i'm fine with it +1 (also no i don't condone sexual harassment)

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