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Big man Gregs late intro

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1 minute ago, Greg said:

Thank emerald 


1 minute ago, Greg said:

Thanks rickle


2 minutes ago, Greg said:

Thank you sully


20 minutes ago, Greg said:

Thanks wombat


20 minutes ago, Greg said:

Thanks vanillia 


Hey Greg,

As much as I know you want as many down-votes as possible try not to spam your thread with single responses for example doing what you did above and thanking 3 people but with 3 separate posts, try to put them all into one post if you wish to do that as 'spamming' your thread with one post after another like that is against the Community Forums Rules under the 'Post Rules' section and may get you into trouble from some of the staff members if you continue doing it. (not saying you will just saying it's a possibility)


Read the below link for the full Community Forums Rules;





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Hey! nice to see you've gone away from your mingy ways and joined navy and are actually roleplaying! (never will forgive you for getting PK'D while you where in SK/RT though)

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