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A Duel on Tatooine | Hyperion

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Good afternoon all last night I decided to end my event chain named "Sith Infiltrator" it was meant to be on ship but as we were on Tatooine I saw fit to change to story a bit anyway it was pretty much a 1v7 me vsing the whole Jedi Order which didn't end very well...

Leave a like if you enjoyed xD

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These Jedi suspiciously employ Sith tactics of intimidation and displaying of power and are the first to draw their weapons on a man. These White Knights of the Order claim they are quashing the evil of the Sith but in fact are the evil themselves, as they attack a man who was forced to draw his weapon in self-defence. This innocent man wasn't hurting anybody, it was the Jedi who forced him to do so. These so-called heroes are truly ruthless, as even after the man has surrendered them after an honourable duel, they slaughter the man in cold blood.

When these sick bastards die, I will spit on their graves.

#itsaconspiracyman #fakejedi #executeorder66

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