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Alt Accounts

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This post is just to bring to light something that has happened since day 1 of the forums however recently it has begun to happen allot more frequently which is why this post is being made. The problem that is concurring is that players/members think it is alright for them to create ALT accounts on the forums to make posts to upvote their staff applications and their other posts, in no shape or form is this allowed at any times to use other accounts to give yourself a reputation. This is a warning to all players/members that if I catch you doing this on your staff applications I will name all the accounts linked to you and deny your application right there and then and set your reputation to zero. If it is a nonstaff application post I will simply set your reputation to zero, I am going to give at least 15 hours for people who have done this to quickly remove the reputation/posts before I go through them all.

You have been warned.




Community Manager

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