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Sliding Doors Guide (Both Servers)

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After a little bit of a play around, I figured out how to use the new sliding doors. Now, a few people were a bit curious as to how to do this, and rather than have everyone on both servers testing and playing around with how to do this, I decided to make a bit of a guide.

My mic is hella sensitive, so you hear my keyboard, my bad, you also hear me breathing between sentences, as well as my cat meowing (I went and let her out when I finished recording), don't hate me, I just wanted to make a guide for the people who don't want to have to play around with it and want to jump in with it immediately.

It covers all three aspects, creating a door, making it practical, and using the keypads and buttons and connecting them to the doors.

I hope you all enjoy and find a way to use this creatively, especially when offship :)

The only negatives that I have so far, are the fact that the door can't be opened faster, and the only sounds are metallic doors. Maybe we can change that in config, but I don't know how it would work.



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14 minutes ago, Cecil said:

I only watched for the intro and I was not disappointed Mr Wintoh
I was hit with an amazing "WASSUP GAMERS"


How do you think I'm going to start the Podcast?

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