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Flames introduction post, thing


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My name is Flame, most of you already know me but i have never done an official introduction, I'm the Captain, 2IC (and Detective) of Riot troopers.
some things:
I may seem like a hard-ass in character but i'm pretty chill ooc
If i ever or have hurt or annoyed you i would like to know (and not because i arrested you)
If you have any criticisms of the SK/RT reg or myself i would like to hear about them cause i'm always open to criticism and improving but keep in mind it is a security reg and doesn't work the same as other attack regiments
Don't be afraid to approach me if you ever want to talk as long as i'm not busy with an arrest, I've been told i'm pretty friendly so i can talk so ye
I will be holding SK/RT try-outs at 11PM NZ time (8 for ANZT) every day if possible

That'll be all, i'll see ya around the star destroyer chimera. (+1 galle and kazimir for biggest minge title)

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