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Vortex Trial-Moderator Application.


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On 1/22/2019 at 1:12 AM, Rivers said:


I’ve seen you say some questionable things over OOC in the past that make me question the attitude that you may have towards staffing and whether or not you’d be fit for the role. The things that I’ve mentioned have been directed towards events and event masters which were quite hostile and negative.

Willing to update this response once I’m sure you’re fit for the role.

Would like to see an improvement before changing my stance on this application NEUTRAL

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Vortex is a good kid. He’s active, takes RP seriously and follows as well as enforces the server rules. He’s currently on trial for Marauder CO and has stepped up nicely so far. I believe with training he could become a good moderator.

Good Luck!

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