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Back Again After a Solid Year and a Bit.

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Well, Most of you wouldn't know but I first started my Gmod swrp right here on IG over 2 and a half years ago, I went under the name thicc cos I was 14 at the time and thought it would be cool and funny, I got a good way up the ranks on the server even getting as far as High Colonel in 2 different regiments (MT, 442nd), My oh my was it different back then, I kept playing for about a year and a half until my close friends on the server were moving to "A cool new server with better managers and stuff" I had no problem with the server it self but just wanted to stick with the people I knew, I played on that server for about 9 months getting Pac and Mod and nice high up ranks, this server eventually closed down and I didnt know what to do really, This is when I started exploring differnt types of servers, I played alot of military throughout this time but never really liked it as much as the swrp that I was playing before, Then I herd about another "A cool new server with better managers and stuff" that all my friends were joining again, and I thought Wow, this is cool, Played on there for a bit, got my pac, got my mod, got a decent rank, and once again, the server dies, Then I here people going "A cool new server with better managers and stuff" But this time its the new CW server on IG, so I thought, Eh might as well give it a go ya know, So here I am, hope to reconnect with some old pals and make many more aswell.


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