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Well considering what has happened tonight is no secret. I wish to put out an olive branch and welcome you all personally, i hope that our community can thrive and overcome past disagreements and solve any issues that are far in the past. Whilst i can never truly understand the exact issues or how extensive they where in the past , i would like to apologise. But at the end of the day one post cant fix all the issues, i hope that people from both communities are willing to move on, as I think that this is a good chance for our communities to reconcile and thrive as one community. I am quite sure my opinions are echoed by many of us on Imperial gaming, because at the end of the day the truth is that all we want is to have fun playing Star-wars RP. So well i hope to see you all out there enjoying your experience on both the Imperial server and the new Clone wars server that releases tomorrow


Best regards - Basil

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