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Hey there,


Well, in an odd twist of events I have made the choice to close down RG for better or for worse, and dedicate myself to the new Clone Wars Server that opens tomorrow.

I chose to move more people over to a singular CWRP Server and give it everything we've got, rather than start some EG v IG 2.0 War all over again. We're all just people who enjoy Star Wars, and from the time I spent hear late last year, you all seemed like genuine and nice people..


I know that many of you coming from RG may be dissapointed in me for closing Republic Gaming, but this was in good spirit, and I believe that it was a  necessary step to have the two 'Groups' or 'Communities' resolve their differences and come together.


I didn't want to contribute to the problem that had divided the two factions for so long.


So, heres to new beginnings.

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