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Resigning from the 442nd...


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To Whom it may interest,


As you may be aware I applied for and got accepted as Commanding Officer of Military Police on the Clone Wars Server.

I don't believe, nor do I wish to maintain two vital posts over two servers.

So I will be resigning from Command of 442nd on 19th Janurary which is the opening of the Clone Wars server.

I have offered the position to multiple people, willing to train them as my 2nd in command as a future successor. No one was willing to take the standard into battle...

Due to the new server opening so soon, I will also no longer have the time to train someone for that position. It is most likely going back for donation.



It has been an absolute honour to once again be thecommanding officer of 442nd Siege Battalion. 

I took control of the regiment on 25/11/2018, people said I wouldn't last a week... They said no one would join...

442nd returned to its former glory. I was able to bloster the regiments numbers and even bring back old 442nd members Harkane & Guy from when I was a General, the OG days.

We maintained a good a strong regiment with the 442nd Standard: Obedience, Loyalty & Dicipline.

Too my troopers in the 442nd, it has been a privilage to be your commanding officer. I only hope I have lead you as well as you have served faithy in my command.

A regiment with just a command is no regiment at all, just a dream and you all made it a reality.

I thank you for that

Effective as of 19/01/2019 all current members of 442nd will be removed and made into Storm Troopers, once more into the breach...


If anyone wishes to find me, I will be on the new server as Commanding Officer of Military Police.

Happy to talk OOC regarding this server if anyone wants to chat.

If you do get arrested on the new server, nothing personal "It's just good Business"

- Cutler Beckett, Pirates of the Carribean.



442ND High Colonel & Former General


Both Photos in this post were taken by CPL Guy

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2 minutes ago, Boris said:

You were an amazing commander for the 442nd for the second time around. I hope you find your position on CW just as fufilling as the 442nd was!

Why will 442nd be abandoned? and you did a extoanay job man I hope your proud of yourself man and I can't wait to see you on the new server.

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1 hour ago, Wombatiacus said:

You were one of the best CO's I know <3

Listening to Optimus Prime Theme made this 100% more sad, holy shit. Never met a person like you Kassius. The days of Navy were some of the best during my time on IG. Look forward to the future and seeing you around.

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It'll be sad to see you leave your role within 442nd, since you entered that regiment from a outsider point of view i witnessed nothing but great things from you and your regiment and you did an extraordinary job in 'resurrecting' the regiment and forging it in a new and more respected light within the server. You should be highly commended for your work and what you have achieved and I wish you nothing but the best for your new Commanding role within the CWRP community.




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