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Imperial RP new features


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Hello, Imperial Gaming!


We have been working very hard on bringing out some new features for the server.

This post will highlight two new features that have been added and implemented!



The number 1 thing we like our players to experience is admin response times & making it easier for our users to contact & get the admins attention.

Introducing our new request an admin feature

You can do this by simply typing !help in chat and the following menu will pop up


Once you have this menu up depending on your situation, For an example someone is being racist & Failing to RP simply click the offenders' name and select a reason if the reason you are reporting them for isn't already added simply use the text box below and click submit.

If you are requesting an admin to have a trooper whitelisted into your regiment simply click Nobody and whitelisting this also applies for needing an admin to give you tools for tryouts again simply click nobody and click Tryout - tools as shown below



Want to do it even faster?

Simply type into chat depending on the situation

!help playername reason


!help nobody Need tools for tryout

All admins on the server will have a pop up in the top right corner of the screen until someone claims the report/help request!

No one should be using the @ chat to request a admins help or to report players anymore. If someone does this inform them of the new feature in place!



Being a big community has its Pros & Cons, One of the Cons for this is we have a lot of rule breakers & minges join the server.

We now have an entire section of our website to display our current bans publicly with information like who the admin was, who got banned & why they got banned.

Players can also use this to view the ban they have been given and link them into their ban appeals.

You can view the bans page here



Currently, you are only leveling for a number in the very near future it will be for small HP boost & rewards will also go to pointshop2 when it is released!



  • Achievements - We will have our very own server achievements people can get from time spent on the server to rebels killed (npc's) to total damage dealt + 30-40 others.
  • pointshop - More information on this feature will be released in the near future!
  • Finally, due to issues we could not control we have not been able to show a game server listing page until recently we are now working on a fully functional game server listing page show stats from what map who is online and how many!


We hope you enjoy the recent update! Until next time we will see you all around the star destroyer!



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