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Imperial Gaming (Movie) - "A New Campaign"

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7 minutes ago, John said:

That was some good shit dude, honestly gave me chills towards the end, I hope to see some more stuff like this, 

+1 for you to join the media team.

I really hope you keep stuff like this up, beacuse it's just incredible! I really look forward to seeing what else you can produce in the future


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This is the last thing 442ND will be know for other than an Obedient, Loyal & well Diciplined regiment under Commander Kassius. 

Really was a good event. And a great video Pulse. Would acully be awesome if I get EM in CW server to actully have you make one for the entire event. Filming it and making a story. 


- 442ND High Colonel & Former General Kassius

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